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Contents of our DVD:
    Bible Institute Program 
Here it is, there is nothing like it!  Used by
hundreds of Missionaries and National
Pastors in over 63 countries.

(English / Tagalog / French)
A complete 3 year Bible Institute Curriculum

with how-to information. The Works!
This is
what it will look like after you print it out and
insert it in six 2 inch binders.                                   
                                                                                      Curriculum Contents or samples

   Sermons & Teaching Materials, etc. Directory
This directory is not used in the BI Program. It is loaded with files
that will assist you from now on in your ministry.  Just read some of
the testimonies of our users.

Following is only a token of what is in this directory:
Cult lessons plus information about Islam
Faith Promise Missions Material
"How To Get More Money From God" Material* (sample)
Family - Many helpful messages and series.
Maps - Bible maps in 3D
Proverbs - This is great material!
Dr. Tom Wallace Collection - over 5,400 sermons and outlines. (below)
Samples of good teaching manuals you should consider getting.
Sermons that preach and great Sunday School material.
Dr. FW Dixon - 674 Complete Sermon Outlines (below)
Soul Winning and Church Planting
Modern Day Tongues Movement
Great stuff! This is the material I taught our people years ago in the early 80's Philippines and in every new church our national pastors planted.  The people learned how to tithe and give to missions.  All our works are self-supporting and nationalized today.  

 Dr. Tom Wallace, Pastor, Evangelist, Author
Dr. Wallace has given us permission to include his work of more than
5,400 sermons, outlines, some even in the Power Point format, etc. from his
recent CD. His outlines are included on our CD or DVD. What a treasure of
material that every missionary evangelist, pastor can use. You shouldn't be without this.

 Francis Dixon Outlines - 674 Complete Sermon Outlines
         What a treasure of sermon material! These outlines have been used successfully by millions of pastors around the world for many years. Take a look at some of them.
You will be amazed at all the items that are included in the this directory. A wealth of material!

104 Bible Lesson with hundreds of beautiful colorful flashcards.
        Mrs. Diane Pope Chamberland created this material while working in the Philippines as a missionary. These Bible stories come with the lessons and flashcards and can be used in Sunday Schools, Backyard Bible Clubs, home Bible studies or wherever. The lessons are interesting and easy to teach and understood by any age group. All lessons are in English and Tagalog.   See some samples  This material can be used in or out of the U.S.A. Another "must have". You can place your order now.

  Plus two more directories

 Our DVD
is being used by hundreds of missionaries
and National Pastors in over 63 countries
at this writing. (May 29, 2015)
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